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  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15
  • Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15

Copper over - long burning Energy of a TT 15

In stock
340000 KZT
Brand:Энергия ТТ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

ATTENTION!!! Delivery is carried out to any city of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The copper "Energy of a TT" on the level of the provided comfort is as close as possible to gas coppers in spite of the fact that eats solid fuel (coal, coal briquettes) which use is considered traditionally labor-consuming occupation. Our copper is equipped with an electronic control unit with sensors of temperature of the heat carrier and hot water supply from which data are analyzed burning process, constantly are corrected and cope an electronic stuffing via actuation mechanisms. Besides, in the design a number of the patented innovations is used, among them there is an ejector selection of dymogaz from the center of burning and air supply thanks to what not only stable continuous, low-temperature focal burning, but also the fullest combustion of fuel is in total reached. Heat carrier temperature is maintained in system of heating automatically. The principle of work of a copper is based on for the first time the realized concept of focal low-temperature burning (a kind of the low-temperature boiling layer - NKS), i.e. the mass of coal which is filled up in a copper does not burn on all volume of a fire chamber or from above but only in the certain layer below limited to inert layers. In process of accumulation of ashes it is deleted together with filling of a new portion of fuel. And process of burning at reset does not stop, t. e work of a copper is not interrupted and long time and depending on quality of the used fuel can proceed, the copper can fulfill without restart before the termination of cold weather.

The controller operating work of a copper also operates in the automatic mode selection of heat for the boiler of indirect heating if the consumer wishes to have hot water supply by means of our copper.

All above described parameters of "Energy" are implemented only on condition of use of coals with standard characteristics. If you use low-calorie coal or with high content of ashes (breed), burning respectively duration, the power and other parameters worsen in direct ratio to quality of coal.

The copper "Energy of a TT" has the following advantages in comparison with usual solid propellant coppers:

1. Profitability taking into account maintenance of constant temperature in the heated room.
2. Burning continuity.
3. Frequency of intervention in process of work of the copper which is picked up according to the heated area, on average
time in 7 - 10 days. During intensive use of a copper, frequency of service - time in 2-5 days. Maximum
frequency - 12 - 21 days during its work on small
4. High level of comfort when using a copper, lack of a smell of smoke indoors.
5. Excellent controllability in the wide range of power from 5 to
100% that allows not to stop its work in off-season.
6. Safety and environmental friendliness.
7. Simplicity of operation.
8. The compactness and smaller weight in comparison with the majority of other coppers of the same power reached thanks to optimum placement of the internal details of a copper which are not taking a lot of place at the expense of fire chamber volume.
9. Absence in a copper "Energy" of expensive and undependable mechanical knots of supply of fuel for ensuring long burning that has a positive impact on its availability to the buyer.

10. The LOWER burning allows to make coal additional charge at any convenient time, without waiting for full combustion of all volume of the loaded fuel that does not put the user into dependence on time when all volume of coal as the user cannot affect this time burns through, it can occur and at night. Some user it is more convenient, without repeated ignition to load once a day, at any convenient time not a large amount of coal, at simultaneous carrying out not of a large amount of ashes, than time in three days, in time unknown in advance to make work on loading of the full bunker in 150 - 200 kg, carrying out of large volume of ashes and repeated ignition.

Lack of the offered copper in comparison with usual is lack of an opportunity to constantly heat firewood humidity more than 15% in order to avoid intensive adjournment of resinous connections on its internal surfaces.

Welcoming the specified copper parameters, it is not necessary to fall into illusions and to dream that having, say, the heated area of 300 sq.m of average warming it is worth counting on 15-20 days of work of a copper on one loading. I.e. 350 kg. even excellent anthracite on the physical properties will not be able to emit so much thermal energy.

When calculating duration of burning of the loaded portion of coal it is necessary to recognize that one kilogram of coal gives from 5 to 5, 5 kWh of thermal energy, means depending on value of power consumption system of heating of your room and there will be actual fuel consumption. Energy for heating in any copper including in ours undertakes from the mass of the loaded fuel. Therefore you should not wait for miracles, and just to understand that such duration of burning of one loading is reached by warehousing of a large amount of coal in the bunker of a copper which at the same time is both a fire chamber and the portion distributor of mass of fuel in the course of burning. Therefore it is necessary to estimate duration of burning of one loading proceeding from the power consumption and quality of fuel. Power consumption in turn depends on many factors - uteplyonnost of the room, the ambient temperature wished temperature indoors, the competent project of system of heating.

Frequency of intervention in work of a copper (without its stop and kindling) minimum, takes no more than 30 minutes and depends on the area of the building, average daily temperature outside of the room, calorific ability of the used fuel, uteplyonnost of the building and more precisely pays off individually.

Service occupies about half an hour and is carried out in any time convenient to you. It is not necessary to wait for full fading, it is possible to fill up a copper, for example after a half of combustion of fuel or three quarters. Even if you forgot that a copper sometimes it is necessary to refuel in the new portion and it went out - any problems - it is newly simple to kindle it.

If high-ash or small coal, most likely waste from its combustion got to you (slag) will prematurely cork air supply/withdrawal of dymogaz and the thicket should open the lower door in the course of work and to delete slag. About need of such "cleaning" will tell small decrease in temperature of the heat carrier.

Measured by a gas analyzer and a heat meter of efficiency of a copper fluctuates depending on an operating mode from 65 to 91%. The obtained statistical data following the results of a heating season show srednesezonny efficiency on the following types of coal:

a) Anthracite - 75, 6%

b) Long-flame stone - 73%

c) Brown - 72%

Our copper can be interesting to owners of gas heating as a reserve source of heat, or considering the rising gas cost as the main. Depending on the heated area we can offer optimum modification of the copper maintaining the specified higher than the parameters.


Copper model TT 6-12 TT 6-18 TT 6-25 TT 6-40
Minimum power, kW 1 1 1,5 2
Maximum power, kW 12 18 25 40
Type of fuel anthracite


brown coal, humidity no more than 20% coal briquettes


coal brown coal, humidity no more than 20% coal briquettes



brown coal, humidity no more than 20% coal briquettes



brown coal, humidity no more than 20% coal briquettes

The heated area, sq.m * to 120 to 180 to 250 to 400
Volume of the bunker, m3 0,12 0,27 0,4 0,4
The weight of the loaded coal, kg 100 220 350 350
EFFICIENCY, % 70-80 70-80 70-80 70-80
Min./max. speed. at the exit

from a copper, °C

40/90 40/90 40/90 40/90
Water volume in a copper, l. 27 35 57 60
Diameter of a flue, mm. 160 160 160 160

copper, mm.

1230 / 500 1400 / 630 1500 / 770 1500 / 770
Size of a loading aperture

for fuel, mm.

340/190 340/190 340/190 340/190
Mass of a copper net, kg. 160 220 300 320
Thickness threw internal /

external shirt, mm

4 / 3 4 / 4 4 / 4 4 / 4
Max. working pressure, bar 2 2 2 2
Working tension, V 220±20 220±20 220±20 220±20
Electricity consumption,

Watt **

4-46 4-54 4-62 4-87

* With a height of ceilings no more than 3 m.

** Copper automatic equipment

Brand:Энергия ТТ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Boiler type:Continuous combustion
Designation of boiler:Two-circuit (heating+dhw)
Fuel loading method:Manual
Combustion chamber design:Closed
Method for removal of waste gases:Turbo
Color:оранжевый, зеленый, черный
Installation method:Floor standing
Profile: 600/500/1300 mm
Coefficient of performance (COP): 70-85 %
Heat exchanger material:Steel
Serviced area: 150 m²
Information is up-to-date: 14.09.2018

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